Embodied conversational agents - let's specify and evaluate them!

16 July, 2002
Bologna, Italy

in conjunction with
The First International Joint Conference on
Autonomous Agents & Multi-Agent Systems

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Abbattista, Andersen(V), Andersen(H), Lops, SemeraroEvaluating virtual agents for e-commerce
Allbeck, BadlerRepresenting Agent Behaviors
Arafa, Kamyab, Kshirsagar, Guye-Vuilleme, ThalmannTwo Approaches to Scripting Character Animation
Beard, ReidMetaFace and VHML: A First Implementation of the Virtual Human Markup Language
Buisine, Abrilian, Rendu, MartinTowards experimental specification and evaluation of lifelike multimodal behavior
Cerrato, EkeklintDifferent ways of ending human-machine dialogues
Darves, Oviatt, CoulstonEvaluating TTS Voices for Animated Pedagogical Characters
De Carolis, Carofiglio, Bilvi, PelachaudAPML, a Mark-up Language for Believable Behavior Generation
Eliens, Huang, VisserA platform for Embodied Conversational Agents based on Distributed Logic Programming
Fabri, Moore, HobbsExpressive Agents: Non-verbal Communication in Collaborative Virtual Environments
Haddad, KlobasThe Relationship between Visual Abstraction and the Effectiveness of a Pedagogical Character-agent
HöökEvaluation of Affective Interaction
Isbister, DoyleDesign and Evaluation of Embodied Conversational Agents: A Proposed Taxonomy
Krenn, Gstrein, Neumayr, GriceWhat can we learn from users of avatars in net environments?
Krandsted, Kopp, WachsmuthMURML: A Multimodal Utterance Representation Markup Language for Conversational Agents
Marriott, StalloVHML- Uncertainties and Problems... A discussion.
Morishima, NakamuraMulti-modal Translation and Evaluation of Lip-syncronization using Noise Added Voice
Nakanishi, Nakazawa, Ishida, TakanashiUsing Balance Theory to Understand Social Agents
ParadisoAn Algebra of Facial Expressions
Piwek, Krenn, Schroder, Grice, Baumann, PirkeRRL: A Rich Representation Language for the Description of Agent Behaviour in NECA
Ruttkay, Dormann, NootEvaluating ECAs - What and how?
Stonks, Nijholt, van der Vet, HeylenDesigning for Friendship: Becoming Friends with Your ECA
Takahashi, Takeda, KatagiriScript Language for Embodied Agents as Personal Conversational Media in Online Communities
Xiao, Stasko, CatramboneEmbodied Conversational Agents as a UI Paradigm: A Framework for Evaluation

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