VHML Workshops

The Virtual Human Markup Language is designed to accommodate the various aspects of Human-Computer Interaction with regards to Facial Animation, Body Animation, Dialogue Manager interaction, Text to Speech production, Emotional Representation plus Hyper and Multi Media information. The text that a Virtual Human is to speak is marked up with tags that direct the character's emotions, gestures and body motion. For Example
   You <emph>said</emph> to me once <pause length="short"/>
   that pathos left you unmoved, but that beauty,
   <look-down wait="750ms"/><look-up/>
   <emph affect="b" level="moderate"> mere</emph> beauty,
   could fill your eyes with tears.

More examples can be found here.

The following workshops concerned with VHML or VHML-like languages may be of interest:
Talking Head Technology Workshop Finished
November 20th 2001
Perth, Western Australia
IST Concertation VHML Workshop Finished
6th, 2002
Bruxelles, Belgium
AAMAS Workshop
(W14) on
Embodied conversational agents
- let's specify and evaluate them!

(Workshop Summary)
16th July,
Bologna, Italy
HF2002 Workshop
Virtual Conversational Characters:
Applications, Methods, and Research Challenges

(Workshop Summary)
29th November,
Melbourne, Australia

For more information please contact raytrace@talkingheads.computing.edu.au

VHML is being developed as part of the European Union
5th Framework InterFace project (http://www.ist-interface.org/).